(Unofficial) Analysing Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) 2014

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 14 Unofficial Statistics

13,451 runners registered for the marathon but only 10,317 completed the marathon (76.70%).

The DNF/DNS/DQ rate is 23.30% (22.36% for male & 27.90% for female). Of which, 340 runners (260 male and 80 female) were Disqualified after the organiser finalised the results (either they were rerouted at the 13km mark or they took the sweeper bus at the 35km mark).

The average timing for male complete the marathon is about 6 to 6:30h. While the average timing for female was 6:30h. There were no change to the statistics compare to the previous marathons.  (See Sundown Marathon 2014 Statistics).

* Data used for the computations were from SCMS Results dtd 9 Dec 14

I hope this simple analysis gives runners a good understanding on where they stand in the race.

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